The Death of Saturday Morning Cartoons

by Jason Kaminski

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Recorded by Jon San Paulo at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL

Album artwork by Louis Roe

Dedicated to the memory of Kevin P. Toth


released July 4, 2016

All songs written by Jason Kaminski
Jason Kaminski - vocals, guitars, bass, banjo, electric organ, piano
Joe Reilly - drums, percussion



all rights reserved


Jason Kaminski Cleveland, Ohio

Jason Kaminski is a singer/songwriter from Cleveland, OH.

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Track Name: Bait Hooked
You're living a life inside of a live wire
You're clinging to hype like it were the truth
And you hope that this is the last time
That you don't think everything through, but you do

You put up a screen so nobody sees you
And what you believe in shifts through the day
No I don't want something that's easy
Cause I don't need someone to save

Bait hooked to revitalize
So you bite and chew
Yeah, you bite and chew now
Don't you?

You try to avoid those ghosts that will haunt you
And when you're annoyed you lash out again
But I can't say anyone feels bad
When it's you that leaves them for dead
Track Name: American Splendor
I want to open the window
I want to feel like I'm home for just an hour
I don't feel like I'm welcome
Guess I'm in America now

I'll drive out to Seattle
I got a feeling that this year won't let down
I'm tired of looking for answers
Guess I'm an American now

I want to walk in the ocean
I want to feel like I have a friend around
Call off sick tomorrow
And we'll be American now

I want to open the window
I want to feel like I'm home for just an hour
Track Name: Hollywood to Greenwich
I'd never win the lotto with a card like that
It takes a steady pace to keep a beat
And if I had a million ways to take another chance
I'd take it with some ground below my feet

Hollywood to Greenwich is a serpent's lair
I felt the fire's flame produce the heat
And all it took were subtle lies of compromise
And parting companies to just agree

Oh, don't lose sight

Solomon was someone 'til it rode away
A carriage is a cell without a steed
And people have a way to keep you holding on
To what they'll say is opportunity
Track Name: Fireflies
Looking at the clouds
And waiting for the rain
While I wondered how this life could change
Seems like yesterday
We were chasing fireflies
Hoping we could stay out when the streetlamps light

Now this home
Feels like a hole
I'd let go
If you weren't gold

Remember when we hid
Under the shady tree
A couple happy kids that still felt free
Now everything has changed
Like it so often does
When life gets in our way we just lose touch
Track Name: Cold in the Sun
High in the valley, cold in the sun
I lost my senses, I was withdrawn
I felt so empty, I couldn't see
Just how alone being lonely could be

In stormy weather sky turned to grey
I couldn't take more than I could save
And when the bounty went under waves
"I'll have revenge!", I proclaimed in a rage

Sometimes you win
Sometimes you lose
It all depends
It's not up to you
But when you go
When you go
Let it go

All of those demons that have you pinned
Can't take your fire so don't give in
You kept the fight up so very long
You don't know what you have 'til it's gone
You won't know what you had 'til it's gone
Track Name: Alcohol & Caffeine
I could count the ways
I could make a haven in my head for days
Or pass out on the floor when I'm all alone
And I don't have anything to say to you
That's when I miss you more.
I was more than wrong
For a couple reasons but I am human
And for that you shouldn't judge
In the morning sun I am all but done with everyone I know
For sake of sanity.

In the eye of the beholder I
Looked like I'd grown to be over my
Insecure motives and notice the way
I blend my words with clever lies.

It was dragging on
I was just a hostage in the scenery
A victim of my being in a fucked up dream
Alcohol and heavy doses of caffeine
But nothing woke me up.
Track Name: Maker's Mark
Outside the lawns are covered with fallen snow
We walk around this town that we barely know
Inside the pockets of your old winter coat
Cold fingers cross together to signal hope
And you hope that you have honesty to give

I miss the life I had when I was not prepared
I seem dependent on the endless despair
It helps to let it out but I feel so aware
Of burdening all these people who say that they care

I sleep when I am feeling overwhelmed by truth
I want to dream
I do
Track Name: I'm Not Asking for the World
I'm not asking for the world from you
I'm just hoping for a little truth
When your heart is ready to open up and let another in
I just want to be there when you do

This world can be your enemy, I know
All these promises just seem to come and go
You shut off to keep the pain away, you can only take so much
But I just want to be the one you trust

I'll be there
And if you're scared
I will hold your hand

All they ever did was make you cry
Break your heart and leave you with a sad goodbye
Then you found the strength to stand alone because it's what you had to do
But someday I hope that I can walk with you
Track Name: New Orleans
When the cold wind starts to blow
And the clouds bring ice and snow
I got to go, I got to get away
I'll tell you where I'll be
I'm going to New Orleans

When I get to Bourbon Street
I'll take a load off of my feet and have a hurricane
To take away the pain
You know what I mean
I'm going to New Orleans

Oh, in my mind I'm gone
From the banks of the muddy river
To the depths of the Bayou swamp

When I walk around the town
And I hear that dixie sound
Well, it ain't no lie what I feel inside
It'd be like a dream
Going to New Orleans

The Quarter is the spot
And the jambalaya's hot
So don't be afraid to stay up too late
Man, what a scene
Going to New Orleans
Track Name: Conversations
We beg for things we think we want and when we get them we push them away
We focus all our energy on all the things that we couldn't say
It's a joke, but no one is laughing

I had a means to break the ice but now it's dull and falling apart
Then everyone turned jaded, fell out of love and closed off their hearts
It's a joke, but no one is laughing

This town's just way too cold to have this conversation
But I wouldn't be here if I did not think you had one left in the chamber
We need to talk

You overthink and speculate 'til all your worries eat you alive
Did you really think the world was out to get you and make you feel denied
It's a joke, but no one is laughing
Track Name: Judah Street
Drove in for nine straight hours
All alone, coming off my hinge
They say the road ain't no home
Then you see the Golden Gate Bridge

Walk straight up a concrete slab
I don't feel like standing still
Escape from Alcatraz
Let's say we split the bill

We share a couple beers
A good time to laugh it off
Too old for changing gears
Too young for giving up
Track Name: Pascal
This soul is bleeding
Cut deep again
Right through vital organs
And broken skeleton

Well, all my friends were leaving
Then all my friends were dead
So I don't care who is listening
And I don't care what is said

One more reason to ignore it all

Pascal found a portrait
Hanging on a wall
I asked how much they offered
Then he told me what he saw

I saw vagabonds and winos
I saw lightning bolts and rain
I saw images of Jesus
I saw elders kneel to pray

So I don't think that you want it
No, I don't think that you do
Cause it latches onto humility
And becomes a part of you
Yeah, it becomes a part of you